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My sons have been patients of Dr. Edwards for 3 years now. His assessments of their sports related injuries are always accurate and his treatments are up to date and nothing short of top notch. I would recommend Dr Edwards to anyone looking for the best in physical therapy care. 


I visited Dr. Edwards for persistent elbow pain. When Dr. Edwards did the initial assessment, he found that the root cause was from several old shoulder injuries. He started dry needling right away along with an exercise program that I could do daily on my own. I can't say how much this program helped. Dr. Edwards showed me each exercise himself and ensured I understood what to do. After months of pain, I have no pain at all. I would recommend Edwards Absolute Kinetics to anyone struggling with pain or injury of any kind. 


I have been a patient of Dr. Edwards for the past few months after experiencing some back pain while working out. Choosing to pursue Physical Therapy sessions with him has been one of the best choices I have made throughout my fitness journey. During my first meeting with Dr. Edwards, he conducted a full screening which resulted in a diagnosis of a variety of issues. Dr. Edwards took the time to clearly explain what was happening, the treatment plan that he felt would work best, and answered every question I had. He also made sure that I was still able to get effective workouts in while undergoing Physical Therapy, which is great!  As treatment has progressed, Dr. Edwards has communicated openly and honestly with me which has led to great successes in treatment and with next the next steps and making sure that I am recovering in a healthy way to prevent future injury. The genuine concern that he demonstrates for his patients is top notch! There isn’t a time that I see Dr. Edwards where he doesn’t ask how I’m doing or how things are going. I highly recommend Dr. Edwards to anyone who is seeking physical therapy services. 

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