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Dr. David Edwards


Dr. David Edwards is board certified through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in sports and orthopedics. His treatment focuses on sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. Dr. Edwards is certified in intramuscular dry needling and instrument assisted soft tissue massage.  He is highly specialized in manual treatment including joint mobilization, joint manipulation and muscle energy techniques.  Movement analysis and joint by joint kinetics are stressed in his treatment approach.  Injury prevention and wellness are a cornerstone of his treatment belief. He is also a university professor and has been published in the area of orthopedics and sports medicine.

  • D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Dr. Edwards received his doctoral degree in physical therapy in 2009 from Wheeling Jesuit University. 

  • S.C.S., O.C.S. (Sports and Orthopedic Certified Specialist)

Dr. Edwards is certified through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in sports and orthopedics.  He has advanced knowledge and skills in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and sports related injuries. 

  • EdD (Educational Doctoral Degree)

Dr. Edwards attained his educational doctoral degree from the University of St.Augustine in 2018. He is also currently a full-time professor teaching in a doctor of physical therapy program and has been published in the areas of orthopedics, sports physical therapy and physical therapy education. 

  • Cert. DN (Certified Dry Needling Specialist)

Dr. Edwards a certified dry needling specialist through the Spinal Manipulative Institute. He is highly specialized in the dry needling procedures for many musculoskeletal and sport-related injuries. 

  • FMS/Functional Movement System Certified

  • Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Modern Strength Training/ Blood Flow Restriction Certified 

Dr. Hugo

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Dr. Hugo Andreini is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a focus on sports and fitness, manual therapy, functional movement analysis, and injury prevention. His certifications include dry needling for muscle pain, recovery, and performance, LSVT BIG for managing Parkinson's, and emergency medical response for field coverage. He teaches as an adjunct professor to student physical therapists and has always been eager to further his learning and apply the best therapy practices in the field.

  • D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Dr. Andreini graduated from West Liberty with a degree in exercise physiology and received his doctoral degree in physical therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University.

  • EdD (Educational Doctoral Degree)

Dr. Andreini is completing his educational doctoral degree in May 2024. He is also teaching as an adjunct professor in a physical therapy program with publications pending on breathing assessment research.

  • USPTA Professional Tennis Coach

Dr. Andreini is a certified professional tennis coach through the United States Professional Tennis Association playing and teaching tennis most of his life.

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